The Poulsen Cascade Tackle Story

The “Beast”

The Poulsen Cascade Tackle Story began in 1934. Originally founded by Ed and Herb Wirth, their primary brand, Cascade, was well known throughout the Pacific Coast fishing tackle community. In 1946 the company was purchased by Earl and Tony Poulsen and operated under the banner of “Poulsen Brothers”. In 1955 the company was split into Poulsen Brothers and Poulsen Quality Flies with Earl taking the later and Tony continuing on with the former. Sometime thereafter Poulsen Brothers bought the “Half-Fast” line of trolls from its owner Ben Silknitter who also had a manufacturer’s rep agency. On September 1, 1967, due to poor health and a stagnant business environment Tony sold out to what then was the Poulsen-Cascade Corporation who operated the business until the current ownership purchased the company assets and began operations as Poulsen Cascade Tackle in 2005.

Through all of its ups and downs and ownership changes quality was always the hallmark of the fishing tackle that was produced under the Half-Fast and Cascade brands. That tradition not only continues to this day, but, in many ways, has continued to improve.

Nearly all of our spinner blades and wobbler blanks are made from scratch starting with solid brass or copper using dies that were made by old fashioned tool and die craftsman of the original era. We polish those to a high luster that few other tackle makers, if any, can match. All of the plating, whether nickel, chrome, gold, or silver is done by only those plating firms that produce the highest quality finishes available. All painting is done in-house, by hand, using airbrushes and detail guns to assure a durable, high gloss finish on each and every spinner, blade, or wobbler we make.

Two of our presses. We do it all by hand!

While others mass-produce lures and other tackle to as broad of market as possible, we strive to hand-craft fishing products according to the needs of regionally specific fisheries. In other words, we do not try for a ‘one size-fits all’ approach in order to minimize cost. Instead, Poulsen Cascade Tackle builds what our customers want, the way they want it and we do so with top quality components. We know that serious anglers take their fishing tackle very seriously. For that reason, so do we.

Whether you want the very best lake trolls such as our Half-Fast Cousin Carls, the superior spin characteristics of the famous Lucky R spinners and blades, or a great slow-water salmon wobbler like the Big Elmer, you can rest assured that Poulsen Cascade will fill the bill as no other manufacturer can.

If you prefer to create your own custom spinners we can help with that too. Not only do we offer top-notch lure components, we also make the TwisTech, one of the finest tackle-making tools you can bend a wire with.

Poulsen Cascade Tackle—Hand-Crafted for anglers who know what they want and know how to fish.

Poulsen Cascade Tackle Featured in Salmon Trout Stealheader Magazine, 1968.