Twis Tech Magnum

TwisTech Magnum

The new Magnum TwisTech handles wire up .052 diameter.

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Product Description

New MAGNUM TwisTech Wire Forming Tool

Wow! The new Magnum TwisTech handles wire up .052 diameter! We took the proven principles of the original TwisTech and beefed it up with a super-duty forming die and a completely redesigned cross-over bending post. This model, just like the original, makes a tightly wrapped eye with minimal or no tag end. The eye is large enough to accommodate a 7/0 treble hook. Because almost all of the wire shaft remains outside of the tool’s frame when being formed there is no limit on how long the wire can be. Extra long Musky spinners are no problem, bottom bouncer wire forms, easy, even extra large spreaders are a snap with the new Mag TwisTech.

Made in the USA.

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